Minecraft Pac-Man minigame

25th Nov, 2022

Minecraft Pac-Man minigame

Minecraft is a versatile and adaptable game. Wordle and Minesweeper are both available in working versions. The community's creativity makes it possible to do almost anything in this sandbox game. We're bringing you a classic Minecraft game with a big twist.

Everyone knows Pac-Man. He's the yellow orb with the big smiley face. He was the face of one the first truly great games. He is still here today due to his appearances in Smash Bros. You'll be running around trying to score high scores while avoiding ghost attacks. This only changes when you grab a power-up, turn around and eat ghosts.

YouTuber Fundy decided that Minecraft needed Pac-Man. But not as much as you remember. Instead of Pac-Man avoiding ghosts he will be hunting them. But the ghosts aren't ghosts at all, they're other players. This makes Pac-Man one the most terrifying Minecraft mobs.

You can defeat Pac-Man simply by grabbing a power-up. However, the hulking mass will not only be faster than you but also control players with a keen eye on the arena.

Fundy made a video of the entire process, and it's quite scary. It's amazing to see the whole thing come together. The coding required to make it work is complex. Fundy is enraged by other YouTubers in this Pac-Man take, and it's quite funny to watch.