Minecraft House Ideas

2nd Dec, 2022

Minecraft House Ideas

Building your forever home is a fundamental part of your Minecraft experience. You might be more focused on the basics like building cute houses (we're sorry cottagecore), but simplicity may be your key. You might be the type who expands and uses your home as a canvas for all your adventures. You can find inspiration here for 8 of our favorite Minecraft House designs.

These are three basic starter houses to consider if you're just getting started:

Below are some of our top Minecraft house designs. From simple and cute builds to elaborate castles, it is time to make your next home epic.

1. Farmstead

Farmhouse in Minecraft

Farmsteads are often cute, charming, and quirky because of their limited space. They blend in well with any environment.

2. Mansion

Mansion in Minecraft

Although you can always find and conquer the massive Woodland Mansions that are spawning in your world, it will likely feel hollow. Only hard work and perseverance will make the decadence of a mansion truly yours.

3. Castle

Castle in Minecraft

You can get rid of all those limitations! You have two options: you can create your own castle or take inspiration from famous castles in real life or fiction. You can choose a place that you are passionate about, such as Windsor Castle in England or Kaer Morhen from The Witcher Series. It will give you the motivation to keep going with these long builds and can also provide you with specific elements to build on. Start with the Great Hall of Hogwarts and the drawbridge of Castle Greyskull. Whatever it takes to get started, you can flesh it out from there.

4. Modern House

Modern House in Minecraft

With that in mind, why not make bold choices in the design and materials of your house? You can make a difference in the world by standing out from the crowd, rather than blending in. You can see that architects are trying to create a unique house in many modern houses. Put on your architect's hat and get creative! Minecraft, being the ultimate creativity tool, should allow you to express yourself. This tutorial video will show you how to create your first modern Minecraft house.

5. Treehouse

Treehouse in Minecraft

These games can be especially fun if you're on a multiplayer server where you have to hide from your fellow gamers. It's rare that you look up in a game that is all about digging down. There are many benefits to building a home high up in the trees. If you want to build a larger home, vines can be used to help you get down.

Check out our Minecraft Treehouse Ideas to see all the different types of treehouses that you can make.

6. Underwater House

Underwater House in Minecraft

Keep in mind that underwater houses often require you to create a tunnel to access the house. This tunnel can be either underground or straight through the water. Then, climb up to the house. This allows you to think up unique ways to hide the entrance so that people who aren't paying attention won't notice you're there. It's fun, tricky, and challenging.

7. Sky Island

Sky Island House in Minecraft

You can create your perfect spot in the sky by using a lot dirt and stone. You will need water to allow you to swim up and down from your base. To enhance your island in the sky, you can incorporate it into an artificial stream.