Minecraft: 20 Hidden Things only Real Fans Know how to Find

18th Dec, 2022

Minecraft: 20 Hidden Things only Real Fans Know how to Find

There are no games quite like Minecraft. Minecraft was first released in May 2009 and has since become a global phenomenon. It still holds the attention of fans young and old. Minecraft is a game that allows players to create and interact in random, procedurally generated worlds. Each world is made up blocks and each block can be changed or harvested.

Minecraft players pay a one-time fee to get a copy. As time passes, Minecraft's team releases new exciting additions to keep them searching, fighting, and building. These add-ons can be used to create new biomes like oceans or forests, new mobs such as turtles or dolphins, and cats and parrots that will follow you. There are also new weapons, armors, and color blocks that allow you to build a world that reflects your personality.

Some items in Minecraft are simply hard to find, whether they were added as a teaser or a permanent fixture since Alpha testing began. Hidden, even. They could be mob drops from creatures that rarely show up or they could be the kind of thing you have to be 'in-the know' to even come across. You might have to make them, but it's almost impossible to find the ingredients.

Whatever the case may be, here are 20 Hidden things Only Real Fans Can Find. They focus mainly on Survival mode.

Totem of Undying

You will be able to come back to life if you are injured while the item is still in your off-hand slot. This makes the item extremely sought-after, despite all the hoops that you have to jump to get one.

Name tags

Name tags can't be made by hand. You will need to start dungeon crawling if you want one. It may take many hours of gameplay to find the chest with the name tags inside.

Pink Wool (From A Pink Sheep).

You can do this by gathering different colored wools. You can make dyes from random objects and apply them to wool blocks or directly to a sheep you already own. It is rare to find a wild sheep with a crazy color, such as yellow, blue, or even pink. It usually takes one red sheep and one white sheep to make it possible. It is quite an achievement to travel long enough to find and shear natural pink sheep.

Slime balls

Finally, you will be able to kill a Slime to get some slime balls. These slime balls can be used to create sticky pistons. These pistons are part advanced mechanisms that players use to control their world.


Saddles cannot be made by hand. You will need to search for one. Unfortunately, saddles can only be found in a very small number of chests in strongholds, villages and Nether fortresses. Although there are many places you could find one, the odds of finding one are slim.

Command Blocks

Redstone can power command blocks, which unlock powerful cheats that can literally make or break the game. There are three types of command blocks available: an impulse block, a chain block and a repeating block. There are so many options and so much power. Make sure you use them with caution.

Ender Pearls

It takes dedication to find Endermen and go through all the effort to harvest these pearls. However, it will make your travels much more enjoyable.

Monster Spawner

After a while of mining, these blocks look like a cage. These dungeon rooms can be deadly to drop into and are often dark and pitch black. However, if you can reach the spawner and cover it in torches, it can be neutralized and made your own. These cannot be picked-up, but destroyed. Therefore, any monster-farming areas you create in Survival Mode must remain where they are.

Notch Apple

Although it is rare to find an enchanted Apple, this is the only way to obtain them. They are no longer possible to craft using gold blocks. You'll have one of the most powerful food items in the game if you can find it.

Melon Seeds

Only 18.5% of dungeon boxes contain melon seeds, while some chest mine carts and wooden mansions may contain them. Although you can grow infinitely if you have the right seeds, it is not easy to find them.

Mob Head

The only way to get zombie, creeper, dragon, or skeleton head is if they die due to a charged crimmer's explosion. And the only way you can get a charged crper is to be struck by lightning! Although it's a lot, the heads look cool.

Beacon Block

If you are lucky enough to find one in Survival, a beacon block can be mined or made by combining glass blocks, obsidian and a netherstar. This is a rare item, making it difficult to find and even more difficult to set up. All the best!

Naturally-Generated Pack Ice

If you don't wish to hunt for packed ice in nature, you can harvest regular ice with an enchanted pickaxe to make it in the table. However, the thrill of finding the Ice Spike biome awaits dedicated fans.

Music Discs

Twelve unique discs can be found in different chests. It will take a lot time and dedication to collect all twelve unique discs in Survival Mode. This makes this venture a challenge for only the most dedicated fans.

Horse Armor

Horse armor cannot be made like player armor. But don't give up! Horse armour, like many rare items, can pop up in wild structures like dungeons or villages, strongholds, temples, or villages. You should keep an eye out for the most rare diamond set which grants your horse a staggering eleven points of defense.

Jeb Sheep and Dinnerbone

You can get a second name tag and call it "Dinnerbone" (or "Grumm"), then apply it to any animal. This will turn the animal upside down and make it look up at the sky for the rest of its life.

Sea Lantern

You will need to practice holding your breath to find a sea lantern. These blocks are only found in the rare ocean monuments or ocean ruins. They act as a light source, allowing you to see where you are going and mine. You can only get these lanterns if you spend enough time in the game. Grab them while you still have the chance.

Dragon Egg

A dragon egg will appear on your exit portal after the Ender Dragon has been defeated. The egg cannot be mined as it will teleport. The good news is that the egg can be mined if there aren't any air blocks to allow it to teleport into. You will then have the ultimate Minecraft hidden item.