Java Edition is Moving House

31st Dec, 2022

Java Edition is Moving House

We understand that change can be difficult. Ask us about what happened when we ran out of regular coffee beans in the office for a day. It's actually better to not have any. Let's look at another Java.

A better future can also be made possible by change. We have decided that all our games, including Minecraft Java Edition, will require a Microsoft account in order to play. Why? It's like moving house. When one place is outgrown, you move on. Although it is a logistical effort, once you are settled in your new home you realize how much you would do it again just to have that extra room. Except that in our case, the extra space is all of these features. All Microsoft accounts will be able to benefit from them.

Two-factor authentication provides greater security for your account. This means that it is more difficult for someone to access your account without you permission.

All of your PC Minecraft games will be linked to the same account. Currently, this is Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons. But who knows what else we might do?

Enhanced parental controls to keep children safe online.

Chat and invitation blocking

To be clear, migrating your Mojang account to Microsoft accounts must be done. You won't have access to your account for several months if you don't make this move. We'll provide clear and detailed instructions on how to do it. This site has all the information you need, including a FAQ, videos on YouTube, and emails to your inbox.