Father of Technoblade

12th Jan, 2023

Father of Technoblade

Technoblade, a YouTube personality that gained millions of followers with his humorous commentary on videos of him playing Minecraft, has passed away, his father announced via a video posted to his son's YouTube account.

Technoblade's Minecraft gameplay was watched by more than 11 million subscribers. He provided commentary on camera. He described everyday life events in videos, some as mundane as going to a D.M.V. Or as devastating as a cancer diagnosis.

Technoblade's YouTube channel posted a video entitled "so long geeks" on Thursday. It has been viewed more 26 million times by Friday afternoon. The video is a departure from the channel's usual aesthetic, which features colorful, pixelated bricks. Instead, Technoblade's father appears in a chair with a small white dog and a stark white background.

His father, who doesn't give his name reads a message from his child that begins: "Hello everyone. Technoblade here. You can see me dead if you're watching this.

The message then goes on to reveal Technoblade's first name, Alex. He didn't use it online. A few photos of Alex and his loved ones are also featured in the video. He rarely showed himself in YouTube videos and preferred to show himself as a crowned, sword-wielding porcine avatar.

Alex's letter states that "If I had another hundred life, I think I would choose Technoblade again every time." "Those were the most joyful years of my entire life."

His father, who is still emotional throughout the video says that he and his son had been discussing for months whether to record a final film. His father says that Alex wrote the letter and died eight hours later.

He says, "I don't think he said all he wanted to but I think that he got the main points."

The video ends with a written declaration that Alex's mother (who is not identified) wrote. She stated that Alex was not famous and that Alex was self-deprecating despite his channel becoming a huge success.

She wrote that Technoblade was always looking for ways to delight and reward their audience. He gave away prizes online, encouraged good sportsmanship, and most importantly, shared his Minecraft adventures for entertainment and laughter.

Alex's family was unable to reach him on Friday. Hypixel, a gaming company, said that the family requested that no comment be sent to them. Don Pireso, the company administrator, stated in a direct tweet that "the video they shared contains all information that they are comfortable sharing at the moment."

Alex posted his August video on his YouTube channel, where he first acknowledged his diagnosis of cancer. The video, which featured Alex speaking off camera, showed the game. He kept his self-deprecating and humorous style, refusing any attempt to be too serious. He also revealed his age, 22.

He described how his first round of chemotherapy left him so exhausted he couldn't even sit up for a virtual appointment with a doctor. He then joked, "Sitting in the chair, am I Superman?"

After experiencing severe pain in his arm, he said he was diagnosed. Although he initially dismissed the pain as a repetitive stress injury from video games, he stated that his shoulder was swelling up after a few days of rest.

He also urged people to get the Covid-19 vaccine. He said that his cancer treatments had weakened the immune system, making him more susceptible to serious illness from the coronavirus.

He said, "I'm going ahead and speak for all cancer patients when i say it is incredibly irritating when the hospitals get overworked by people who are dying from preventable diseases." "I'm just saying that we have priority on those hospital beds.

Technoblade's friends, fans, and followers on social media praised him for his humor as well as being a role model for Minecraft players.

Minecraft is different than other games in that its owner, Microsoft does not have control over the servers where players can meet online. Instead, players can create their own servers and join others to create a vast network of worlds within the Minecraft universe.

Hypixel, which manages a network of Minecraft servers said it had created a digital book where people could write messages and they would be printed and sent out to Technoblade's loved ones. The tribute featured a picture of Technoblade's pig avatar, as a statue. The company stated that Technoblade's success is tied in many ways to the success and success of many people.